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Microsoft Points

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Microsoft Points have now been discontinued and been replaced by Xbox Gift Cards.


EU Points

Microsoft 800 Points EU  Microsoft 2100 Points EU Region  Microsoft 4200 Points EU

US Points

Microsoft 1600 Points  US

What are Microsoft Points?

Microsoft has become their own empire and are now even introducing their own currency to the mix. Microsoft Points are like the company’s private money for internet transactions and can be used across a range of different services offered by the software giant. They did this to avoid paying too many of the credit card transaction fees and give more availability to the different services for those that don’t own a credit card in the first place. You can use them in five different places. These are Xbox LIVE, Games for Windows LIVE. Windows Live Gallery, Marketplace and the online Zune stores.


The cost of these points depends on where you are living. Currently, in the States, the cost of 80 Points is $1. If you pay 1500 points for a game, it equates to a little over $18 in the real world. Because of currency fluctuations, some people may end up paying slightly more for some software than others. You can acquire Points in two ways. One is buying them online with a credit card; the other is buying a Microsoft Points Card, known as “tokens” from shops. The actual amount on these tokens varies from 100 – 5000. Currently in the UK however, the minimum you can purchase is 500 points. We provide pre-paid cards which are available in our online store. These points contain a set limit and once it’s all used up, they can’t be recharged. These cards are limited to the region they are bought in as well. We currently provide our customers EU and US points


Below is a quick list of what you can buy using Points


  • Games
  • Demos
  • Expansion Packs
  • Add-ons
  • Music
  • Movies
  • Television Shows
  • Themes


These depend on where you are buying. Like you would buy music at the Zune marketplace but games and additional content for them at the Xbox LIVE market place, and so on. The Windows Live Gallery is the place to buy gadgets and other features you can use on your system. The Points offer a user a more simple way of getting their hands on the features they are after and avoids the use of too many credit card transactions.

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