12 Month PS Plus Membership US

12 Month PS Plus Membership US
  • platform PlayStation Store
  • region US
  • delivery Instant Digital Download
  • In Stock

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12 Month PS Plus Membership US

  • Platform platform PlayStation Store
  • Region region US
  • Delivery download icon Instant Digital Download
  • Availability In Stock

Important Notice: You will be sent PS network codes equivalent to the value of the game on the PS store.

  • 12 Month PS Plus Membership US

      PlayStation Plus 12 Month US Membership

      This subscription will be converted to PS Plus Essential 12 months membership.

      This card provides you with great gaming skills online. It is required to have a PS Plus membership for any online activity on the PS4.

      What other can I do with this 12 Month Membership?

      There are lots of media and apps that you can access after you have this PS Plus membership. For example, you can turn your console into a great entertaining device with a lot of On Demand services offered. Sky Go, HBO, and Netflix are some of the media platforms you can enjoy. There are lots of applications offered.

      Bonus Games

      Each month exclusively to PlayStation Plus members is games obtainable for absolutely nothing. Yes, that’s right, giveaways each month and you will also have access to members-only rebates for games and apps similar.

      Sony Cloud Storage

      Again, for PlayStation Plus members only, cloud storage saves any information from gameplay or apps. Access your information from entirely Sony devices PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vista.

      In what way will I get the card?

      You will obtain your card thru our great instant email delivery system. The email address you enter at the time of acquisition will be where we will send your PlayStation Plus 12-Month US Membership. No more waiting about or heading for the shops, just buy and accept. You might also be interested in our 90-Day PlayStation Plus US membership, to see our agreement on the 3-Month PS Plus membership kindly click here.

      Commonly Asked Questions

      Get replies to some of the most common PlayStation Plus inquiries.

      Moving to the new PlayStation Plus.

      How Has PlayStation Plus Changed?

      PlayStation Plus now has three membership plans with tiered pricing and features, letting you select a plan that comprehends the features and games you need.

      The PlayStation Plus features you know – like online multiplayer, monthly games, and special discounts – now make up the PlayStation Plus Essential membership plan. We’ve added a Game List of PS4 and PS5 games to download as part of the PlayStation Plus Extra plan, whereas PlayStation Plus Premium provides you the Classics Catalogue, time-limited trials for a variety of new games from the PlayStation Store, and the choice to stream PS4 games from the Game Catalogue and hundreds of PS3 and PS2 games from the Classics Index to your PS4 or PS5 console or to your PC.

      Overall PlayStation Plus questions

      Do I Still Need PlayStation Plus to Play All Online Games?

      For the majority of games that you have acquired on disc or downloaded from the PlayStation Store, you need a PlayStation Plus membership plan to play online.

      Most free-to-play games such as Fortnite, Apex Legends, and Call of Duty Warzone do not involve membership.

      Are PlayStation Plus Games Mine to Keep?

      Yes, for as long as you continue an active subscriber. Some of the games in the Game List and Classics Catalogue will have end dates when they leave the service, which will be shown ahead of time.

      I have a PlayStation Plus Membership. Why Do I Get an Error Message When I Try to Add Time to My Membership Either by Applying a Membership Voucher?

      As we fix to unveil the new PlayStation Plus membership service, we are doing some work behind the scenes to make the evolution as smooth as probable for all of our current members. As part of this work, we’ve provisionally deactivated stacking memberships for current customers until after the introduction. Rest assured that your coupon code is still effective, and you will be able to use your code either when your current membership expires and disables, or after the new PlayStation Plus service is released in your area, either occurs first.

      I Have a PlayStation Plus or PlayStation Presently 1-month, 3-month, Or 12-month Membership Coupon. What Will Happen If I Redeem It?

      If you do not have a current and valid membership:

      The PlayStation Plus voucher your exchange will offer you access to PlayStation Plus Essential for the span of time signified on your original voucher. For example, a one-month PlayStation Plus voucher will offer access to one month of PlayStation Plus Essential.

      The PlayStation Now voucher for your exchange will offer you access to PlayStation Plus Premium for a span of time corresponding to the monetary value of your original voucher.

      For example, a one-month PlayStation Now voucher will offer access to roughly 3 weeks of PlayStation Plus Premium. See the conversion chart here.

      If you are a current customer:

      The PlayStation Plus or PlayStation Now voucher your exchange will be converted to a span of time on your existing PlayStation Plus membership plan corresponding to the monetary value of the voucher you are redeeming. For example, a 1-month PlayStation Plus voucher will offer access to approximately 3 weeks of PlayStation Plus Extra or approximately 2.5 weeks of PlayStation Plus Premium. See the conversion chart here for details.

      Where to buy cheap 12 Month PS Plus Membership US?

      You can buy cheap 12 Month PS Plus Membership US on ElectronicFirst.com Legit and Trusted digital store.

      To know more about the all-new PlayStation Plus, please visit.

  • Console: PS4, PS3, PS Vita, or PS VR
  • Subscription: PlayStation account
  • Internet Access: A broadband internet connection is required
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