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12 Month PS Plus Membership US
32% off
$59.99 $40.99
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12 Month PS Plus Membership US

47 Reviews
5.0 out of based on 10 ratings
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32% off
  • PlayStation Plus 12 Month US Membership

    This card gives you great gaming capabilities online. It is compulsory to have a PS Plus membership for any online activity on the PS4.

    What else can I do with this 12 Month Membership?

    There are tons of media and apps that you can access once you have this PS Plus membership. For example, you can turn your console into a great entertainment device with a lot of On Demand services available. Sky Go, HBO, Netflix are just some of the media you can enjoy. There is a lot of apps available.

    Free Games

    Every month exclusively to PlayStation Plus members are games available for absolutely nothing. Yes, that’s right, freebies every month and you will also have access to members-only discounts for games and apps alike.

    Sony Cloud Storage

    Again, for PlayStation Plus members only, cloud storage to save any data from gameplay or apps. Access your data from all your Sony devices PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vista.

    How will I get the card?

    You will receive your card via our great instant email delivery system. The email address you enter at the time of purchase will be where we will send your PlayStation Plus 12 Month US Membership. No more waiting around or going to the shops, just buy and receive. You may also be interested in our 90 Day PlayStation Plus US membership, to see our deal on the 3 Month PS Plus membership please click here.

  • Console: PS4, PS3, PS Vita, or PS VR
  • Subscription: PlayStation account
  • Internet Access: A broadband internet connection is required

Michael N

I was skeptical at first but upon reading other reviews I gave it a try. After having a little trouble with the verification piece as it went to my PayPal email and not the one I manually typed in, I received my order promptly and it worked! Thanks for the savings!

PlayStation Plus

PlayStation Plus


I had my doubts, but was (thankfully) proven wrong. Got the code shortly after buying it, and now I’m back on PS Plus. Dunno when this sale will end, but I highly recommend taking advantage of it while you still can.


For ps plus Quick easy purchase sent email within 5 min code worked. Great price save 30 dollars.

Octavious Walker

Its definitely real and it works. Code sent almost instantly.


I don’t usually write reviews but I had to do it for this because I know many people who come across this will believe it’s skeptical like myself. I literally just purchased this for $30.35 total and got the PS Plus code in like 5-10 minutes and it worked. Thank you Electoric First. Will definitely be coming back.


The code works,email delivered in minutes.

Justin J

Quick, simple, and easy to get my PS plus card. Email delivery was quicker than GameStop. Had doubts about it being legit since I never heard of this site, but it’s legit.


Definitely sceptical – but it’s completely legit- saved like 70 quid!


Easy to navigate site and fast delivery 9f product code. Got exactly what I wanted and the code was actually unusable unlike a few other sites I have tried.


Bought 12 months of PS Plus and I got emailed the code within 5 minutes and the code worked.

Rick Ketchum

I was very pleased with the delivery time, I did not have to wait.
The product was exactly as they stated it was.
Thank you for such great service!

Julie R

I just bought this PlayStation plus 12 month membership, of course I was skeptical because it’s only half the price but I went ahead based on reviews and it actually is legit! I just got the code within minutes, went ahead and put it into my system and it renewed for 12 months!!! Thank you so much!


Quick fast and correct process. Also the website is very good looking

Erik Humfleet

I bought a PlayStation Plus Subscription. Got my confirmation email and the code right away. No waiting around. Simple, easy and a great deal!

Antonio Williams

Received quickly and was as advertised

Chad Barry

fast, accurate and service is amazing.


I’m very happy with my experience. I purchased a PS Plus 12 month membership and not only did I get it for almost half off, but I received my code within seconds.

Charles G

Very good priced products. Products are real. Good company. Thank you. I will continue to use.

Tynisha Moody

The transaction was fast
Good communication


Totally thought this wasn’t legit but tried it out after reading the reviews and it works!


Was definitely skeptical, also while reading the reviews because everyone was saying the same exact thing lol.
Wellllllll got the sub for $32 def can’t beat that
Buying again and again and other products too. Tell your friends! I’m dead serious! Happy shopping!!


After reading reviews, decided to take a chance. The key came in immediately and worked flawlessly.


At first I thought it was a scam because of the prize, but I was wrong. I received the code in about a minute and it worked.

Just bought it

was afraid it was not legit, but it is. Paid with PayPal and got code in few mins


Was afraid to order because of the low cost but read all the feedback and decided to try it. Paying with PayPal gave me some security. Great price at $32.12 and received within 5 minutes of paying. Grandson was very happy.


Thank you. Thought it would be a scam also but nope it works. Fast and quick.

Chris Bechen

Great deal fast email of your code.would buy from again A+ seller thanks a bunch👌

Vahe Hakobyan

Thought it would be a scam, but it works. Just got a PS Plus membership and got the code within few mins and it works.

Brittany H

Fast, smooth and legit, Thank you!!

Ella Ogarkova

I got PS plus. The transaction was fast and easy. Recommended.


Multiple purchases made with electronic No issues with payment or delivery. Products were authentic. I will absolutely hit up their site in the future for my software needs.

Jenna Deatherage

Is took 5 minutes it was fast easy and simple. Why pay $60 when you can pay $30? Awesome website!


Got the key and it validated same day as I bought it. Not the first time I’ve bought a key for windows OS but first time from electronicfirst. Would order from here again. Prices were very good which is what led me here.

Shannon Monahan

Quick delivery

Orlando Almaguer

Renewed my ps plus and sure enough it worked right away. Thanks a lot guys!

Michael Taylor

So I was skeptical to buy but read the reviews and figured its thru PayPal so am protected. Low and behold no need to worry was legit and got my code with in minutes for my ps4 12 month and it worked. If they have it available buy it such a good deal and safe transaction. Colorado USA here.


This is a legit site.Everything worked and received my code in about 20 minutes but you may want to know a couple of things before making your purchase.

1) MAKE SURE YOU ARE BUYING FOR THE CORRECT COUNTRY! They sell multiple cards for multiple different countries. I saw multiple negative reviews for this but this is on the consumer not the seller.

2) You will need a piece of mail with your name on it with the address that is associated with your Paypal account and a valid US phone number.
Yes this is pretty annoying but I can understand why being a person who sells online as well. It is for security purposes.


It works


It worked! Got my ps plus for an extra year. Great price. Thanks!


What can I say? This is as legit as any verified online seller can be. My code arrived via email within one minute of initially getting a confirmation notice of successful payment thru PayPal. Get this now while it’s on sale!


Purchase code during discount even. Code is valid to redeem. & they send it to you in a email. Very satisfied with my 1 year membership purchase (:


I was skeptical of using this site for the 1-year PS + code, but I decided to give it a try since I could pay via PayPal. Sure enough, within 5 minutes the digital code was delivered to my email and I successfully activated it. Great price, great deal, will use it every time!


I was upset because I missed playstation’s black friday deal but i accidentally stumbled onto this website I was skeptical of the price but since you can pay using paypal that made me feel less sketchy because it would be easy for me to request money back if need be. I got the code almost instantly after I bought it. I can’t believe I got a year membership for a little under $40. That’s a steal! I’ve never seen a cheaper price. I will absolutely be referring people to this website for gaming deals!


I was scared to getting ripped off or having to hassle my money back but I gave the trust to this and to tell is legit I will definitely will be buying here again ?


Good place to buy

Marcelo Ventura

Just bought this 12 month ps membership and the code was sent within minutes. Great deal too ?


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