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PS Plus 90 Day Membership UK
16% off
$30.23 $25.42
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PS Plus 90 Day Membership UK

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16% off

    There is a wealth of benefits for gamers who purchase this membership. There are over 60 games for free a year, this is a very generous offer to PlayStation Plus members. You will be allowed to play online games against opponents of your choice whether it is friends, family members or total strangers from another part of the world. What is even better is that the games available are popular titles that you would WANT to play and not some unheard of games. An awesome feature of the PlayStation Plus 90 day subscription is that you can invite someone to play a game against you even if they do not actually own the game themselves.

    There are also a lot of apps available and an amazing array of on-demand services such as the BBC iPlayer, Sky Go, Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, HBO Go, Now TV, and much more.

    As a result, gone are the days where you have just a gaming console. What you actually have is a fully-fledged multimedia device at your fingertips.

    PlayStation 90 Day Membership – UK Digital Delivery

    Once you have purchased this card we will send you this subscription via our instant email delivery. This means you won’t even have to leave your seat. Just purchase, receive, and enjoy the benefits of becoming a member of the PlayStation Plus community. Our 3 month PlayStation Plus subscription is one of the best prices on the market and by far cheaper than the recommended retail price.

    Which Countries Is PlayStation Plus Available In?

    PlayStation Plus is available in the following 72 countries:

    Argentina Austratda Austria Bahrain Belgium
    Brazil Bulgaria Canada Chile China
    Colombia Costa Rica Croatia Cyprus Czech Repubtdc
    Denmark Ecuador El Salvador Finland France
    Germany Greece Guatemala Honduras Hong Kong
    Hungary Iceland India Indonesia Repubtdc of Ireland
    Ireland Israel Italy Nicaragua Norway
    Oman Panama Peru Phitdppines Japan
    Kuwait Lebanon Luxembourg Malaysia Malta
    Mexico Netherlands New Zealand Poland Portugal
    Qatar Romania Russia Saudi Arabia Serbia
    Singapore Slovakia Slovenia South Africa South Korea
    Spain Sweden Switzerland Taiwan Thailand
    Turkey Ukraine United Arab Emirates United Kingdom United States
    Venezuela Vietnam

    If the PlayStation network is not supported in your country, then it is still possible for you to access their network providing you set up an account with a valid address in a country where the PlayStation Network is supported.

    I Have Heard I Will Get Free Games…Is This Correct?

    Absolutely. Each week Sony releases games available to download exclusively to PlayStation Plus members digitally. Some of the games offered are well known and others not so much. Either way you will be looking at some great discounts up to 75% off in some cases. Even if you do not engage in online multiplayer games, we are offering this PS Plus 90 days subscription at such exceptional value that the savings you will make on games alone will make it worth your while. To really take advantage of the discounted and free games alike you should make sure you have enough space on your hard drive to store them.

    My Playstation’s Hard Drive Is Almost Full

    Continuing with what has been mentioned above, to really take advantage you will need hard drive space available. That being said, by buying a PlayStation Plus 90 UK Membership via email you will automatically get cloud storage from Sony. This will allow you to store games and data from any services such as mid-way through a game or half-way through watching a movie.

    What Happens To My Games When My PS Plus 90 Day Membership Expires?

    Your details and data are all backed up on Sony’s great cloud servers. This means you will benefit from anything you had previously saved and downloaded. As soon as you renew your subscription for a further 90 days your service will be up and running and back to normal. You may even be interested in the 1 year PlayStation Plus UK membership we offer, which works out more cost-effective in the long-term. More details can be found here.

    What About The PlayStation Plus Membership For My Other Sony Devices?

    Sony has taken great care in ensuring that PS Plus 3 months and PS Plus 1 Year UK memberships can be used across all Sony compatible devices you may own. Just simply log in to your account on your PS4, PS3 or PS Vita and have all the content from your account available on these devices. Providing you are signing into your account that has an activated PlayStation Plus membership.

    How Soon Will I Get My Card After I Purchase It?

    We pride ourselves on efficiency and providing the best customer experience possible.

    Once purchased, the card will be sent to your email address instantly. Our very competitive pricing means that we are a great deal cheaper than most of our competitors whilst still being able to provide you an outstanding customer service experience. Our live support staff is available to help you through the whole process of choosing the product that suits you, payment, redeeming the product and any other support we can assist you with.

    All you need to do is start enjoying your PlayStation Plus 90 days membership.

  • Console: PS4, PS3, PS Vita, or PS VR
  • Subscription: PlayStation account
  • Internet Access: A broadband internet connection is required

Paul Moggridge

Surprisingly quick ànd easy. Very satisfied seems to work well. Time will tell

Ali Ahmadi

The PlayStation plus works great. Thank you. I will be buying more in future

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