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Pokémon Sword
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Pokémon Sword

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20% off

Embark on an all-new RPG adventure with Pokémon Sword

Explore new areas, battle, trade, and catch both new and classic Pokémon.

Welcome to the Galar Region, a massive new area that features idyllic countryside, modern cities, snowcapped mountains, and of course: lots of Pokémon!

Experience an all-new battle format called Max Raid Battles, in which you'll team up with other Trainers to take on powerful new Dynamax Pokémon.

Zacian and Zamazenta are the two new Legendary Pokémon featured in Sword and Shield. Each one possesses amazing abilities and enormous power!

Choose from one of three new starting Pokémon and begin your journey in Sword or Shield today!

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