Princess Peach: Showtime! Nintendo Switch CD Key (EU)

Princess Peach Showtime! Nintendo Switch CD Key (EU)
  • platform Switch
  • region EU
  • 22 Mar 2024
  • delivery Instant Digital Delivery
  • In Stock

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Princess Peach: Showtime! Nintendo Switch CD Key (EU)

  • Platform platform Switch
  • Region region EU
  • Release Date 22 Mar 2024
  • Delivery download icon Instant Digital Delivery
  • Availability In Stock
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    Take the stage as Peach

    Help Peach save the Sparkle Theater from the wicked Grape and the Sour Bunch, who have set the stage for the ultimate tragedy.

    Joined by Stella, the theater’s guardian, Peach is ready to save the day!

    Step into the spotlight!

    Power up with transformations and use showstopping abilities to call curtains on this tragedy. What transformations are hiding just behind the curtain?

    Figure Skater Peach - Join the other dancers on stage in a dazzling performance filled with quick-timed spins and jumps.

    Mighty Peach - Go from hero to superhero! Defend the locals with powerful punches and superhuman strength.

    Dashing Thief Peach - Hack and sneak through the Sour Bunch’s defenses. Embrace the thrills (and charms) of espionage!

    Mermaid Peach - Use Peach’s magical voice to control schools of fish to reveal hidden pathways and harmonize with an aquatic orchestra.

    Cowgirl Peach - Toss enemies and grab items with a lasso and saddle up your trusty horse as a quick-flingin’ cowgirl. Yeehaw!

    Swordfighter Peach - Fend off the Sour Bunch with graceful slashes, dodges, and counterattacks as a sensational swordfighter.

    Patissiere Peach - Bake and decorate sweets with a dollop of cream and charm as a talented patissiere. Whip something up within the time limit!

    Kung Fu Peach - Defend the school with artful jabs, kicks, and jumps as a disciplined kung fu master. Send foes flying with strength and balance.

    Detective Peach - Don your sleuthing cap to question locals, uncover clues, and solve a classic “whodunnit” mystery as a clever detective.

    Ninja Peach - Hide in the scenery using props, jump wall to wall, and take out foes with kunai as an agile ninja. Move swiftly and strike!

    Meet the cast and crew

    Get to know the actors and stagehands of the Sparkle Theater.


    After receiving a flyer, Princess Peach visits the theater—only for Grape to steal the show! Now she is taking the spotlight to bring Grape’s reign to its finale.


    The helpful guardian of the Sparkle Theater. Stella grants Peach the power of the ribbon, allowing her to interact with the stage and transform.


    A mysterious, masked villain who has taken over the theater and replaced its leading actors with her terrible troupe. She desires to turn every play into a tragedy.

    Sour Bunch

    Grape’s acting troupe. They interfere with each play, messing up the stage and turning the story sour.


    The residents and actors of the theater. The Theets are eager to help Peach—they just need a little encouragement!

    The show must go on...

    Play the leading part and help the Theets take back the stage from Grape and the Sour Bunch.

    Flourish Peach’s powerful ribbon

    Use the power of the ribbon to take on the Sour Bunch with attacks, interact with the stage, rally the Theets to help out, and activate the transformation platform for enchanting abilities!

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