Windows Activation Error 0xD0000272, 0xC0000272, 0xc004C012, 0xC004C013, 0xC004C014

Modified on: June 23, 2024

Windows Activation Error 0xD0000272Windows Activation Error

Windows Activation Error 0xD0000272

Rest assured your key is still valid. If the activation server is temporarily unavailable, your copy of Windows will automatically be activated when the service comes back online. So, please try again later.

For support, you may contact Microsoft Support Team here Contact Us.


However, if the above solution does not work, please contact our Customer Support Team via Support Tickets on your EF Dashboard so we can check if you are eligible for a refund or replacement. 

To assist you better, please include the details below:

1. Order ID

2. Screenshot of the pop-up/error message 

3. Additional information (if any)

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