Nitro Kid PC Steam CD Key

Nitro Kid PC Steam CD Key
  • platform Steam
  • region Worldwide
  • 18 Oct 2022
  • delivery Instant Digital Delivery
  • In Stock

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Nitro Kid PC Steam CD Key

  • Platform platform Steam
  • Region region Worldwide
  • Release Date 18 Oct 2022
  • Delivery download icon Instant Digital Delivery
  • Availability In Stock
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    – Craft a deck of synergized abilities, moves, and skills

    – Slide around enemies, perform combos, and use the environment to your advantage

    – Adapt your playstyle with card upgrades, game-changing infusions, and agent patches


    30+ new tracks from the talents of the Synthwave and Darksynth genres.

    Composed exclusively for Nitro Kid by:

    - LudoWic (Katana Zero OST)

    - Tonebox

    - Jules Reves

    - Laird Kruger

    OST is available for purchase separately or in the Turbo Bundle with Nitro Kid.

    Fantastic Friends and Foes


    It has everything we love about the 80’s with cyberpunk, retrowave, and classic action movie references. Can you catch all the easter eggs we hid?


    Pick your special agent. Every one of them has a unique set of cards, abilities, and playstyles.

    L33 — Fluid fighter dedicated to martial arts and the power of the elements. When Kung fu isn’t enough, you ignite in fury, burning enemies down (quite literally).

    J4X — Heavy-hitter thinking like a chess player. Tank with the unique ability to counter-attack during enemy turns. Build up Combo and Pressure points for devastating knock-outs!

    K31 — Professional assassin, the best at tech and weaponry. Possessing two different stances for ranged and close combat. Each stance comes with unique perks and limitations. Use your ammo wisely!


    Every time you clear INFINITY tower – a new Security Level is unlocked. Each of them brings tougher challenges your way. Will you make it to the mysterious Creator?


    - 3 unlockable Agents

    - 250+ Cards

    - 3 unique Acts (stages of INFINITY tower)

    - Security Levels for difficulty progression

    - 50+ Unique Enemies

    - 50+ Events

    - 30+ Infusions


Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system

  • OS:  Windows 7
  • Processor: 2.0 Ghz
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Storage: 1 GB available space

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