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Super Mario Party
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Super Mario Party

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  • Platform Nintendo Switch
  • Region EU/UK
  • Availability Out of Stock
  • Delivery Digital Download via Email
20% off

There are 80 new minigames in Super Mario Party, and they're all totally different. Some of the challenges are free-for-alls, some are 2 vs. 2, and some are even 1 vs. 3! Some will have you flipping burgers, and others will have you riding tricycles.

Head to Toad's Rec Room to try out the brand new feature of linking two Nintendo Switch consoles together for some side-by-side fun!

Up to 4 players can compete are once! Take turns rolling the dice and racing around the virtual map like a real tabletop board game. 

Complete more challenges and earn more stars to beat your opponents

Nintendo Account

Broadband internet connection

Only Joy-Con controllers are compatible with Super Mario Party


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