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Modified on: February 27, 2024

Code may be invalid.

  • Copy-paste the Google Play code that delivered to your email address to prevent any typo errors, and don’t use spaces or dashes when you type in the code.
  • Try to redeem the code at Google Play Store or through the Google play store on your device.


Error redeeming code

You need to update the region/address settings of your Google Play account. Instructions:

  • Go to pay.google.com
  • Click on Settings on the left of the page.
  • Check the Country/Region section, and make sure that your country matches the country of your gift card.

Error redeeming code


Code already redeemed

  • If you have several Google Play account, check if you have redeemed the code in another account.  You can switch accounts on your mobile device or computer to check your balance. To do so, just follow the instructions below: 
    • Open a web browser (like Chrome or Safari) and then go to play.google.com/store then Click on profile picture > Select an account (or click on Manage your Google Account if the account you're looking for is not on the list).

Code already redeemed


Cards are not valid in your country or are unable to redeem it

*** Important:

  • You can only change your Play country once per year. 
  • You won’t be able to use your Google Play balance that you have in your old country in your new country.
  • If you cant change country, try to clear your cache or check if your app is updated.

Note: Verify if VPN use is acceptable to your financial institutions when doing online transactions. Many of them will not allow VPN use as they want to track your IP address as a basic security measure.


Error redeeming code. Error Code: BM-RGCH-06.

Error redeeming code. Error Code: BM-RGCH-06.

  • To change your home or billing address, please follow the instructions in this help centre article.


If you’re still having trouble, please contact our Customer Support Team via Support Tickets on your EF Dashboard so we can check if you are eligible for a refund or replacement. 

To assist you better, please include the details below:

1. Order ID

2. Screenshot of the pop-up/error message 

3. Additional information (if any)

NOTE: We don't provide replacements/refunds for products that are already redeemed to the account. Refunds are only processed provided that the product is in its unused condition and can be sold on. Used products are not eligible for refunds. 

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